Have you ever been through an HVAC furnace failure in the middle of a freezing-cold ice storm, leaving your home cold for hours or even days while waiting for repairs and replacements?

How about a sweltering hot day when your AC system quits on you, leaving you with ice cubes on your forehead?

Not a good thing!

Most people don’t realize that many HVAC breakdowns and compressor failures can be avoided.

With planned maintenance, aged parts can be replaced at the best time of year, for you and for your HVAC system. Your system will be ready to “weather the storm” and keep you comfortable year-round.

Benefits of an HVAC maintenance plan

Avoiding the agony of a hot or freezing house is the first reason most people opt for an HVAC maintenance plan.   But there are more reasons to consider getting a plan.  Here are a few of them...

Help avoid uncomfortable breakdowns during freezing cold or sweltering hot days.

  • Help avoid uncomfortable breakdowns during freezing cold or sweltering hot days.
  • Save money with planned maintenance instead of expensive emergency repairs.
  • Your HVAC system and compressor will last longer, helping to delay an expensive system replacement.
  • You’ll reduce your heating and cooling energy consumption as well as your electric and gas bills.

During planned maintenance, we make sure everything is working as it should.  The mechanical,safety, and performance systems are checked and optimized.  We make sure you are not overpaying on utility bills and that your system lasts as long as it should, getting the most out of it.  Following the recommendations we provide, you can have peace of mind that your heating and cooling will work when you need it most.

Our HVAC Maintenance Plans and Options

To provide you the best value, we make sure our plans fit your needs.  We have three HVAC service plans to choose from…

Keep-New Maintenance Plan

The Keep-New maintenance plan is best for HVAC systems that are from 1 - 5 years old.  This annual plan includes a 21-point inspection of all the parts that typically wear or fail within the first five years of service. We check the performance of your system and give it a tune-up to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

Mid-Life Maintenance Plan

Don’t let your HVAC system go through a mid-life crisis.  This semi-annual plan is designed for systems in the 5 – 10 year range. It includes an up-to 56-point check, which includes all of the potential fail-points of your HVAC system.  We check the duct work and optimize your system's performance.

Life-Extender Maintenance Plan

Most HVAC systems last 10-15 years.  The Life-Extender plan is built to keep your aging system (10+ years) running smoothly as long as possible.  It will help you avoid premature failures,reduce strains on your system, and ink out as many years of service as possible before having to do a complete system replacement.  In addition to everything in the mid-lifeplan, this bi-annual plan includes a heavy-duty coil clean, servicing both the inside and outside units, and a minor electrical overhaul.