HVAC System Replacement

It's not easy to purchase a service with a product. How will you know if you made the right decision? It can easily take up to six months to find out if you made the right decision. With the guarantees from Solutions Heating and Cooling, the job will be done right. And if not, we will make it right!

What hvac system should I invest in?

There are certainly many different systems to consider when looking at installing a new heating and cooling system. There is no easy answer or one solution that suits the circumstances of everyone. That's why we heavily invest in training our team so that we understand and know how to calculate exactly what is needed for your home. Many contractors will simply use a rule-of-thumb method to calculate the equipment needed, but that simply is NOT the best practice. They may refer to just the square footage of the home for calculating the size of the equipment. But is that accurate? Think about this: Imagine you were comparing 2 homes that were both 1,500 square feet. One of the homes is a stick built home that was constructed in 2005, the other home is a manufactured home that was assembled in 1975. Would you say that the newer, stick built home likely is better insulated and more tightly sealed than the manufactured home in this example? So it's obvious why it's so important to select a company that has the ability to PROPERLY size the heating and cooling system.

Our dedicated company commitment

One of our main company mantras is to "get and keep customers". That means that we have to provide exceptional quality service. So when you trust us with installing a new heating and cooling system, here are some of our codes of ethics in dealing with you, your home, and your family:

  • To give respect and dignity to all persons
  • To treat all homes and businesses as if our own
  • To ensure all work is above quality standards
  • To ensure 100% satisfaction
  • To offer the best in indoor comfort
  • To improve indoor air quality for better breathing
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee
  • We diagnose causes, not just symptoms
  • Courteous, polite and knowledgeable technicians
  • We make comfortable affordable